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Color Isolation using Adobe Premier CC

In this tutorial we will be looking at how to isolate color in Adobe Premier CC using the easiest technique of all; the Leave Color effect.  Now, it’s important to realize this is a great tool if the shot isn’t terribly complex. For instance, if the color you want to leave in is red and […] 

How to Syncrhonize Audio and Video with PluralEyes

We all know how bad the audio is on your DSLR camera.  So, you’re left with the choice of using an external mic along with a separate recording device such as the Zoom H1N or Zoom H4N.  These are great audio recording devices but, the challenge you face is synchronizing the audio file with the […] 

How to Synchronize Audio and Video with PluralEyes

  Syncing audio and video can be a daunting task if you’re simply trying to line up “clap marks”. But there is an easier way.  

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